Living Food

The Living Food brand offers 2 probiotic products. Over the years, following the possibilities of modern science, studying scientific literature, using the increasingly interesting analytical offer available on the market, developing cooperation with the best scientific units in Poland, implementing smaller and larger research and development projects, we have developed our range of probiotic products of the Living Food brand.

The Living Food brand is a response to consumer demand for the probiotic products. These are products for probiotic prevention, recommended as part of a daily, balanced diet. Each of the Living Food products is characterized by unique composition and has a different purpose.

Biostarter is a Living Food product used for the production of bread and the fermentation of food products. The probiotic bacteria contained in the product ensure activate fermentation processes of food products and stabilize starter cultures in the production of bread. The probiotic bacteria contained in Biostarter ensure repeatability of fermentation processes of food products.

Spelled bran synbiotic is a source of dietary fiber (prebiotic) and probiotic bacteria (probiotic). Recommended to suport the growth of intestinal microbiota. Due to the richness of bioactive ingredients contained in organic plant compounds (including blackberry, blackcurrant, wild strawberry), it also supplements the diet with bioactive ingredients contained in the fermented plant extract.

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