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Improving the quality and comfort of your life – this is our mission. We want to produce probiotic products and food supplements of the highest effectiveness for you. Thanks to innovative implementations and the use of natural biotechnology, we obtain products of excellent quality and stability.


We undertake comprehensive activities towards education and popularization information on probiotic supplementation and prevention. For this purpose, we constantly expand our knowledge about the positive impact of probiotics on human health and improve our skills. We are the authors of numerous publications in the popular-science and scientific press and Internet portals, as well as speakers at numerous scientific conferences, workshops, meetings and events.


Living Food – “living food”, food for life – that is our goal. For years, we have tried to develop a technology that would enable to create a line of functional food products and food supplements containing live and active strains of probiotic microorganisms.


“Live and active” probiotic bacteria are the core of the bioactive influence of our products and food supplements on your quality and comfort of life. Hundreds of trials, hundreds of challenges, years of effort. We have always focused on improving quality, which is understood by us very broadly.


Over 11 years on the market, 4 brands, 2 formulas, 13 probiotic food products (probiotic prevention), 16 food supplements and, most importantly, your satisfaction. Our employees are specialists in very different fields, but we have one thing in common – passion and commitment.


Continuous development is one of our priorities. We constantly conduct research and development works. We are learning more and more about the positive impact of our preparations on the human body – Joyly products have a stimulating and protective effect on the human immune system.


Responding to the expectations of the Consumers, we introduce innovative products and food supplements to the market, which is one of our goals. Our products are made according to green techology and technology zero waste.


We care not only about the highest quality of our products, but also about the environment. Care for natural environment and our planet is very important to us. In our company, we use renewable energy sources – solar energy.


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Polska Nagroda Innowacyjności 2018


Certyfikat HACCP, GMP, GHP


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Dobra Firma 2021 – Najlepszy Pracodawca województwa lubuskiego. Nagroda przyznana przez Związek Przedsiębiorców i Pracodawców