AKG formula

AKG formula by Joyly includes 6 probiotic supplements in liquid form. These are products dedicated to various consumer groups: for women, for athletes, for people after chemotherapy, for people after antibiotic therapy, for children with psycho-intestinal syndrome GAPS and a universal product for everyone. The innovative composition of specially selected live and active strains of probiotic bacteria, plant additives and AKG (α-ketoglutaric acid) is a combination that gives maximum benefits for organism.

AKG occurs naturally in the human body. AKG is an intermediate in one of the most important metabolic pathways in the body – the Krebs cycle. It has a direct effect on the metabolism of nutrients in the body’s cells. The daily diet does not contain AKG, but its precursors. The only source of this compound is synthesis by the gut microbiota or supplementation.

Why did we combine α-ketoglutaric acid (AKG) and probiotics? AKG contained in Joyly probiotic products with the AKG formula is synthesized microbiologically, which supports the beneficial effects of probiotics. On the other hand, probiotic bacteria increase the bioavailability of AKG. This innovative recipe therefore enables the maximum use of the potential of the ingredients contained in the product.

The α-ketoglutaric acid (AKG) contained in the preparations of Living Food is obtained only in the microbiological way. It is an excellent, natural alternative to the most popular chemical synthesis of this compound.

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