Jędrzej’s Herbs

The Jedrzej’s Herbs brand offers 4 probiotic food supplements in liquid form. These are food supplements rich in herbs and natural plant materials.

Herbs and natural plant materials have always taken a special place in human nutrition. From the earliest times, they have been used in traditional folk medicine as an inseparable element of health prevention, and now they are widely used as ingredients in food, cosmetics and medicines. The valuable properties of herbs and plant materials result from their numerous natural compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the body with bioactive properties, including vitamins and minerals, essential oils, phenols, glycosides, saponins and carotenoids.

Carbohydrates contained in natural plant ingredients and herbs are essential for the growth, multiplication and maintenance of the biological activity of probiotic bacteria. Fermentation of plant ingredients with live and active probiotic bacteria significantly increases the bioavailability of biologically active compounds contained in plants and herbs.

ECO Probiotic plant extracts Jędrzej’s Herbs are food supplements in a liquid form. They contain 100% of fermentation extract of ecological plant materials appropriately developed for the indicated group of consumers. They combine the power of herbs, beneficial bacteria and their beneficial postbiotics.

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  • ECO Probiotic plant extract Jędrzej’s Herbs FOREST FRUITS – FOOD SUPPLEMENT

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  • ECO Probiotic plant extract Jędrzej’s Herbs HAWTHORN – FOOD SUPPLEMENT

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  • ECO Probiotic plant extract Jędrzej’s Herbs TOPINAMBUR – FOOD SUPPLEMENT

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  • ECO Probiotic plant extracts Jedrzej’s Herbs ProbioBorelio – FOOD SUPPLEMENT

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