Living Food not only cares about the highest quality of its multi-strain, ecological probiotics in liquid form, but also cares about the environment.

Ecology, responsibility for our planet, well-balanced energy and waste management are very important to us. Every day we make every effort to live in harmony with nature and that the natural resources of our planet are not exhausted.

From the very beginning of our company’s activities, we focus on ecology and environmental protection:

  • We develop and manufacture our products in line with the less waste technology. This means that we reduce the amount of waste to a minimum.
  • In 2012, our products received the ecological certificate – BIO. We add ecological ingredients to our products. Thanks to this, we obtain the highest quality of our products.

Recently, in order to take even more care of our environment, we have implemented several important changes in the company:

  • We have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of our production plant and office building. Thanks to this, we can obtain electricity from the sun.
  • We replaced the old welder with a new one. Why? The welding machine we are currently using has a very high capacity (up to about 600 packs per hour). This means that we now need less time to pack the same number of packages. This translates into lower energy consumption and less heat emission.
  • We have completely resigned from fillings such as bubble wrap, polystyrene crunches or foils. Currently, we only use foil that is 100% regranulate.

Caring for Human and Nature is the most important to us!