The ProbioSport brand offers 3 liquid probiotic products – both products intended for probiotic prevention (ProbioSport probiotic drink and ProbioSport probiotic drink concentrate) and product for probiotic supplementation (ProbioSport dietary supplement).

ProbioSport products are intended to be used as part of the daily diet as part of probiotic prevention (probiotic drink concentrate and probiotic drink), as well as in probiotic supplementation (dietary supplement). Their systematic consumption supports the regeneration of the body exposed to intense physical and mental effort.

Probiotics have a strong effect supporting the body’s immune system, weakened by increased physical activity, shortening the time of post-workout regeneration. In addition, they regulate the functioning of the digestive tract, preventing the effects of intestinal hypoxia, occurring during exhaustive training and support the absorption of nutrients necessary for intensively working muscles.

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