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ECO Probiotic drink ProbioSport

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Probiotic prevention


apple juice

extract of fermented ecological herbal plants

bioactive ingredients derived from plant materials

live and active strains of probiotic bacteria in liquid form

biofunctional postbiotics

Wild rose fruits, blackberry leaves, blackcurrant leaves and knotweed herb are rich in bioactive ingredients which are believed to support the immune system. Specially selected strains of live and active probiotic bacteria along with carefully selected plant ingredients support the regeneration of the body after excessive physical and mental effort.

The daily serving provides:

400 million live and active probiotic bacteria.

One bottle 125 ml contains 1 serving.

How it works on... ?

Maintaining the intestinal microbial balance

Live strains of probiotic bacteria help to maintain the intestinal microbiological balance and prevent disturbances of the intestinal microbiota as a result of e.g. use of antibiotics, improper diet and exposure to stress factors.

:Maintaining the intestinal microbial balance

Inhibition of the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi

The intestinal microbiota is the basic protection against bacterial and fungal infections of the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotic microorganisms compete with pathogens for the adhesion site to the intestinal epithelium and for nutrients, and produce antiseptic compounds, inhibiting their growth.

:Inhibition of the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi

Element of the intestinal barrier

Probiotic bacteria are one of the important elements of the intestinal barrier, protecting us against the penetration of harmful toxins from food into the bloodstream and metabolites of pathogenic microorganisms that activate the immune system

:Element bariery jelitowej

Reducing the oxidative stress of the body

Probiotic microorganisms and the postbiotics produced by them exhibit antioxidant properties in the body. Thus, they protect cells and tissues against the harmful effects of free oxygen radicals, which is associated with the occurrence of numerous civilization diseases.

:Reducing the oxidative stress of the body

To prevent the occurrence of intestinal disorders

Prophylaxis and probiotic supplementation can prevent the occurrence of numerous intestinal disorders, including by regulating intestinal peristalsis. Probiotics are used to prevent functional diarrhea, constipation and flatulence, as well as indigestion.

:To prevent the occurrence of intestinal disorders

Strengthening the immune system

The gut microbiome plays an important role in shaping the immune system's response. It modulates the development of the immune system, differentiates its cells and has the ability to correct abnormalities in the immune system by enhancing the potency or alleviating its excessive reaction.

:Strengthening the immune system

Supporting the post-workout regeneration

Probiotics have a protective effect on the body exposed to increased physical and mental effort. They support the immune system and reduce inflammation, thus shortening the time of post-workout regeneration. They support the absorption of nutrients necessary for intensively working muscles.

:Supporting the post-workout regeneration

Better in liquid!


Ecological ingredients:

Water, apple juice (20%), extract from fermented herbal plants and fruits (8%) [including: wild rose fruits (25%), blackberry leaves (25%), blackcurrant leaves (25%), knotweed herb (25%)], a set of live and active strains of probiotic bacteria (min. 3.2×10^6 cfu/ml).

The probiotic drink is produced in a cascade fermentation of plant components with live, active strains of probiotic bacteria including: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, L. rhamnosus LR 06, L. acidophilus LA 02, L. casei LC03, L. plantarum LP 09, L. pentosus LPS 01, L. reuteri LRE 02, L. paracasei LPC 00, Bifidobacterium breve BR 03, B. animalis ssp. lactis BS 01, B. bifidum BB 01, B. longum BL 03, B. longum W11, Streptococcus thermophilus FP 4.