The world of microorganisms, although already well known, constantly surprises us. This time it is also the case. Scientists from Chicago made an amazing discovery.

It is estimated that the human body is inhabited by over a trillion bacteria. Gut bacteria play a very important role in our body. They affect both our immune system and metabolism.

Recent studies on humans and mice by Noelle Younge, Jessica R. McCann, Julie Ballard, Catherine Plunkett, Suhail Akhtar, Félix Araújo-Pérez, Amy Murtha, Debra Brandon and Patrick C. Seed in Chicago show that a child in the prenatal period already has its intestinal microflora. It receives these bacteria from its mother. According to the authors of the study, this discovery opens the way to potential interventions that could stimulate the development of the child’s microbial flora during pregnancy, especially in the case of an expected premature birth.

This is a very breakthrough discovery and although more research is still needed, it gives high hopes for the prophylaxis of unborn children.

The entire article is available at: https://insight.jci.org/articles/view/127806